Mother’s Day Bundle


– Mother’s Day ready

– 0% THC

– 1 Peppermint T-Free Muscle Pain Cream, 1  Tropical CBD Tincture, 1 Muscle Roll-On

– Whole-plant extracts, containing a unique blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids

– 1000 mg

– GMP Certified Lab

– USA Grown Hemp

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“Mett Naturals CBD pain cream has been one of the best topical applications for pain that I’ve tried. The benefit to my chronic back pain has been incredible, with the anti-inflammatory relief lasting for hours.  I’ll definitely be keeping it as one of my regulars in the fight against chronic pain caused by a traumatic car accident.”

Kathryn S.

Mett Naturals Pain Cream is awesome. I get lower back pain and other aches and sore muscles from working out hard and training for Marathons. I use the cream at night and it relaxes that area allowing me to sleep and recover. I also like to put it on my achy tired feet at night.”

Lee S.

“The Mett Cream has been a game-changer for me. Nothing was helping ease the tension and knots that wouldn’t go away regardless of the agonizing efforts. In just one night of applying the cream before bed, I felt amazing when I woke up.  I exercised that next morning, it had felt like my muscles were loose and the tension had evaporated.  For weeks now I have been applying the cream when sore or achy before bed and each morning I wake up I feel as good as new!”

Rhett P.