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CBD Report: Metabolism and Chronotype analysis

Learn about your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and what it means to naturally manage your pain, stress, and anxiety in your life. Explore the products that compliment your metabolism and enhance your ability to restore, reset, and recover. Your personal ECS score is the key to your ideal function and overall performance. 

Skin Renewal Report: Genetics-Based Healthy Aging Program

This innovative healthy aging program utilizes your genetic profile provides nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young. Learn your predispositions, and address them with DNA-based lifestyle changes.

Hormone & Metabolism Report: Weight Management Program

Your unique genetic makeup provides you with diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype. It is a lifestyle plan that is built from what you came with and includes suggestions for regulating your overall wellness!

Fitness Report: Genetics-Based Peak Performance Program

This report is a health and activity performance improvement program based on your genetic profile. The best nutrition, workouts, and supplement regimens for you cannot be determined without understanding your genetic predispositions. Genetic links to sports injury risks, VO2Max, and other athletic traits are also now known and key to athletic performance. 

Nutrient Report: Comprehensive Micronutrient Predisposition Analysis

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micronutrients in your diet. Even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet with plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, most of us have some difficulty absorbing one or more micronutrients at the cellular level. 

Our tests map 8 traits unique to you

With your information we help narrow down the products that are best for you. Your genetics are unique, we feel like your Mett Naturals products should be too.


Metabolization of hemp

Systemic inflammation

Sleep duration

Pain tolerance

Social anxiety

Stress tolerance


Understanding your DNA


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With your information, we help narrow down the products that are best for you. Your genetics are unique, we feel like your Mett Naturals products should be too.

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Of all the reports available, your genetics are a vital factor for providing your Endocannabinoid System the map and detail with selected nutrients based on your genetics. We believe we should consult your genetics to provide a personalized reference for your health and wellness.

Learn about other essential nutraceuticals in your report


May improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Promotes healthy blood sugar regulation. Helps maintain healthy bones. Boosts anti-inflammatory benefits.


Sharpens focus and memory. Improves sexual function in women and boosts fertility and testosterone levels in men. Supports heart health.

Maca Powder

May lead to increased energy. May help with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Benefits your bone health and helps your body manage stress.