Father's Day Bundle

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Recovery, relaxation, and skin care. We've partnered with Just Ingredients to bring you a kit just for your man. We are also adding in our top selling products with the Recovery, Cream and as a bonus the Recovery, Roll-on. This powerful blend is perfect for anyone looking to resolve chronic or acute pain as well as take care of your skin, without all of the aluminum and harmful products for your skin and body! Enjoy this limited time bundle this week only.

Father's Day Bundle:

Recovery, Cream

Recovery, Roll-on

Men's Line set including: Deodorant, Beard Oil, After Shave, Age Defying Serum, and Body Lotion

Gently massage the cream into your skin, using circular motions to ensure that it is fully absorbed.

Repeat the process as needed, depending on the severity of your muscle soreness.

Wash your hands again after applying the cream to avoid getting the menthol in your eyes or on other sensitive areas.

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