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General Questions

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating, non-addictive phytocannabinoid. Big words, we know, we'll explain..

Phytocannabinoids are the chemical compounds found within the hemp plant. There are over 100 different phytocannabinoids that can be found in hemp, all with differing purposes and effects for the hemp plant and for humans who consume it.

CBD has been and is currently undergoing many studies on its effects in the human body. In numerous studies, CBD has proven to lessen seizures due to LGS and Dravet syndrome, improve falling asleep and staying asleep for those with insomnia and anxiety, and has shown positive results in treatments for pain due to inflammation and arthritis. Studies have also revealed successful pain relief for chronic pain due to neuropathy. 

More studies are needed to further substantiate all the claims made about CBD, but progress is being made daily. Try it out for yourself!

Short Answer: It's about whether or not it has trace amounts of THC in it. Full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC, whereas broad spectrum CBD had the THC removed completely.

Full spectrum oil contains all the cannabinoids that come from the plant like CBD, CBN, CBG, and up to 0.3% of THC.

Broad spectrum oil goes through an additional extraction process to remove all trace amounts of THC but leaves behind the rest of the cannabinoids.

Both types of oils are non-addictive and not intoxicating. Our full spectrum oil regularly tests under the federal legal limit of THC.

Which is more effective?

In our experience, full spectrum seems to be more effective due to the “entourage effect,” which is a fancy term that means all the major and minor cannabinoids (like CBD, CBN, CBG, & THC) work together synergistically to provide maximum results. That being said, our customers have found great success with both full and broad spectrum products.

Yes. THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. However, our hemp plants are specifically bred to primarily produce CBD, not THC. That means the THC level is not going to be enough to intoxicate you or "get you high." The legal limit of THC in hemp is 0.3% and our oil regularly tests under this limit.

Will CBD make my drug test show up positive for THC?

If you take Full Spectrum CBD, yes it can. Full Spectrum CBD does contain trace amounts of THC naturally.

💡 Tip: If you don't want any THC in your CBD, try our Broad Spectrum CBD!

⚠️ We strongly suggest consulting your healthcare provider before consuming any hemp products.

1. We grow our own hemp organically in the sun on our farm in Oregon. Most other brands don’t. Usually they buy white label hemp extract to then process and sell, effectively having little to no part in the process of growing or harvesting the hemp plants.

2. We perform rigorous testing before, during, and after on the soil and hemp to make sure it’s free of heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Most other brands don’t.

3, We extract the oil from hemp using water and pressure only — no harmful solvents like ethanol or butane are involved which ensures a clean, safe product!

Product Questions

If this is your first time using CBD or full spectrum/broad spectrum hemp oil start low and slow. Each person has a different level of absorption in their body, meaning your neighbor could have her desired effects with 10 mg of CBD while you may not feel anything at that same level. Start with 10-16 mg of full or broad spectrum oil and adjust dosage as needed over the next few weeks.

Be consistent, as your body will need to adapt to this new natural product. If you decide to adjust your dosage, do so in 5-10 mg increments. 

The answer to this will largely depend on the flavor you choose! We love them all. Hemp oil by itself though (our natural flavor) has a very verdant, earthy green taste.

CBD isn't taken for its taste, but that doesn't mean it has to taste bad. We keep it simple by using natural essential oils and extracts to flavor our products.

Absolutely. Full spectrum and broad spectrum cannabinoids build up in the body over time. Effects can be immediate, or take up to 30 days depending on your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). A daily dose will help maintain cannabinoid levels in your system and ensure the desired effects are felt.

Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Most Mett Naturals products are vegan, but not our soft gels since they do contain glycerin.

Congrats on the little one! 

Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, we're not able to offer medical advice or comment on safety while pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend speaking with your healthcare provider and/or resources that have experience using CBD.

Orders & Shipping

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