From Seed

3 Farm boys from Idaho with a dream to create a hemp supply chain for the absolute best Seed to Shelf products

Since 2019, we have farmed over 1,000 acres of hemp and learning the best ways to care for and preserve the plants

Mark married the farmer's daughter!

Now we have the best farming partnership with Owyhee Produce that a company could have. With our hemp operation, we participate in 4400+ acres of regenerative farming and sustainable best practices

In 2021 we proudly became veterans owned

To Shelf

Our partnerships help us ensure the highest quality in the industry to ensure you the best results

Pure. Simple. Transparent.


Never treating the land with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides


Testing the soil prior to planting to the billionth particle


Planting, harvesting, and storing with organic best-practices as our guide


We avoid the use of harmful additives including solvents during the extraction process. Most companies in the industry use ethynol, butane, hexane, and CO2.


We utilize a hyperbaric method without solution, preserving the full plant with all nutrients derived in nature.


We partner with experts to create the most nutrient dense raw-material, most effective phyto profile, and best tasting products with sustainability and consistency in every batch