CBD Remedies for Our Furry Friends

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Anxiety is a common condition. In many instances, anxiety can manifest temporarily in times of stress disappearing shortly after the waters calm. However, in some people, anxiety manifests as a constant burden— a persistent and excessive worry that affects everyday life. In fact, over 18 percent of the U.S population suffers from weighty anxiety disorders each year. But what if we told you humans aren’t the only ones?  

Pets Experience Anxiety Too

Here’s a little-known fact:

Just as we are susceptible to battles with mental illness— specifically anxiety— so are our dogs and cats. Although it may seem strange, anxiety in pets is just as real and burdensome as it can be with us. To make matters worse, dogs and cats don’t often have the tools or resources to recognize, let alone cope with their condition. This causes fear within the animal and often manifests as unusual or poor behavior. 

Studies show that the most common causes for anxiety in dogs and cats are cruelty, abuse, or neglect. For this reason, rescue animals are particularly prone. Another common cause is separation. Pets, specifically dogs, form strong attachments to their guardians and experience fear when left alone for long periods of time. This is why Fido can be a tad overbearing when you enter the door after a long day at work. 

Regardless of the cause, it is important to recognize when your pet may have anxiety so it can be properly addressed. 

Signs to Watch Out For 

Luckily, pets aren’t particularly keen on hiding their emotions— a rather endearing quality. This makes anxiety a bit easier to identify. 

Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs that are destructive or disruptive often have unaddressed anxiety. You may also notice:

  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Chewing on furniture/household items
  • Excessive digging in the yard
  • Inability to keep still
  • Escape attempts
  • Frequent urination in the home despite being taken outside 

Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety in cats manifests quite differently than in dogs. Here are some signs your cat may be experiencing anxiety:

  • Hiding
  • Avoiding interaction
  • Not eating
  • Pupil dilation 
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Twitching tails or ears

How Is Pet Anxiety Treated?

Unfortunately, treating pet anxiety is not as simple as calling up a counselor and talking through options. However, there are prescribed medications that have been known to help. The only problem is many of these medications can cause negative side effects, complicating matters even further. Thankfully, Mett Naturals provides another solution. 

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD has proven to be ideal for natural support and the treatment of many conditions. While traditionally extracted for human consumption, CBD has been found to be completely safe for pets, providing tremendous benefits. In addition, no prescription is required for CBD, it is abundantly available, and perfectly legal at the state and federal levels. 

At Mett Naturals, our pet CBD products find their origins in the flowers, leaves, and stocks of farm-grown hemp plants. Unlike hemp oil which is derived from hemp seeds and contains no CBD, CBD oil is a lab-tested, safe, and natural remedy to common ills such as anxiety. Because it contains virtually no THC, hemp-derived CBD produces no high at all— only effects that relieve. 

Pet Dosing

A common rule of thumb is to administer 1 mg per 10 pounds of body weight. With time, it may be appropriate to adjust your pet’s dose to 2-3 mg per 10 pounds. CBD oil can be easily incorporated into food, or placed on top of a treat for easy consumption. The effects of CBD will last up to 8 hours.

Peace of Heart and Mind

When it comes to treating anxiety in your pets, CBD is a safe, natural remedy that can yield tremendously positive results. If you have a pet with anxiety, consider trying out our specialized pet CBD oil, extracted specifically for that purpose. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at support@mett.com today. 

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