Endocannabinoid DNA Test

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The science of the human body only recently has evolved enough to allow scientists to identify and analyze a person’s DNA. Our DNA Test not only provides you with a roadmap for your specific genes, but also gives direction on how you can potentially optimize your health and wellness with this knowledge. Take the guesswork out of choosing the right Mett Naturals products as well as manage long-term care.


Mett Naturals seed to shelf story continues as we support you with a personalized plan with more clarity, more transparency and driven by your results.


Our bodies are incredible and very unique. Our goal is to partner with your DNA to provide you with ground-breaking simplicity for the CBD products that are best for you. The Mett Naturals DNA Collection Kit is our latest innovation in providing seed to cell (meaning cellular) data for your customized approach to better health. Discover what products are best for your endocannabinoid system and utilize your data to make adjustments to your CBD regiment as your kit can provide better understanding of:


- How you metabolize CBD and other cannabinoids?
- What are your systematic inflammation levels?
- What is your pain tolerance at the cellular level?
- What is your social anxiety quotient?
- How stress tolerant are you?
- What is your alcohol sensitivity levels?

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Steps for Unlocking your code (genome) for answers:


1. Buy your kit (ships in 2-3 business days)
2. Register your kit into your health portal 15ec7cdf-3e12-40b3-91f6-83449a84cf54
3. Swab your cheek thoroughly and mail to the laboratory
4. Relax and wait for your report (4-6 weeks)
5. Review your report and lets build a better you


If you already have a DNA report from an approved DNA provider (23andMe, Ancestry, Heritage), you can upload your report and have our laboratory pull the additional markers for your report ($99).


Our DNA kit utilizes 8 genetic markers to provide you with data. Research shows us that your DNA markers will uniquely respond to Mett Naturals products and other hemp or CBD products. Our commitment to transparency includes establishing personalized connection for your endocannabinoid system (which utilizes cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids) with the phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant. At Mett Naturals, we believe is that, a Pure. Simple. Transparent. approach is the best way for providing our bodies with all of the information. In addition to the full and broad spectrum recommendations you will receive, your report will also include additional insight into the nutraceuticals, enzymes, and supplements that can be utilized for a better holistic you!

Gently massage the cream into your skin, using circular motions to ensure that it is fully absorbed.

Repeat the process as needed, depending on the severity of your muscle soreness.

Wash your hands again after applying the cream to avoid getting the menthol in your eyes or on other sensitive areas.

Click here to view this product's latest Certificate of Analysis (COA) in an online PDF form viewer.

Pre-Existing DNA Report

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Rachel E.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Do it! You learn so much.

I test epigenetics but having the combo of DNA(how I was born) comparing and contrasting with epigenetics(how my DNA has changed) helps me dial in my health goals even more. I understand my body and can use protocols and products that actual work for me.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Genetics are the key

This test and process has been so valuable for me to understand my metabolism of CBD. It helps with my dosing, cadence, and overall schedule for how I use Mett Naturals products. I love the insights and have been a little overwhelmed with how much information is included in the report. Love the information, but I would recommend some tips or consulting that could be included with the report.