All Mett Naturals products come directly from certified organic farms. Much like organic fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store, CBD products that come from certified organic farms are held to a different standard. We proudly stand behind that standard.

This dedication extends to the extraction process.  Unlike others who use potentially harmful gasses like ethanol, butane, or CO2 in the crude oil extraction process, Mett Nautrals only uses a proprietary extraction process without those gasses that results in a water-soluble solution. 


Mett Naturals works directly with its farming partner.  There is no middle man.  We simply provide products directly from the farm to you. 

Our products contain our natural hemp extracts, carrier oil, essential oils and flavorings. Simple ingredients breeds lasting health.


All of Mett Naturals products are Mett Verified. This ensures complete transparency regarding the hemp products used in our products.  Each stage–and each chain of custody–is controlled, monitored, and verified.  All this information is available to you.

Each of our Mett Verified products carries with it a transparent promise of quality that you can trust and verify. We work hard to produce some of the best CBD and CBG products in the Hemp industry.

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