Peppermint - 1000 MG


Featuring all-natural peppermint extract, our CBD extract is perfect for a fresh start to your day or a quick refresher after a long one. This 1000mg CBD peppermint tincture has just enough flavor to be taken alone or mixed into your favorite beverage. Perfect for accompanying you on the go or nestled at home.

  • Mett Naturals Tinctures are unparalleled in both overall taste and quality. With 33.33 mg of CBD per mL, our tinctures more then double the average industry CBD content, while also containing only the best in natural flavorings.

    Each bottle contains our full spectrum CBD extract grown entirely organic on our farm in Nyssa, Oregon. That means no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids and minors such as CBG, CBN, and CBDV come together to provide a full entourage of hemp powered purity.


    We use only our farm grown Hemp Extract to ensure complete transparency and purity from our fields to your home. We promise a clean, pure, and effective CBD Extract. We know CBD, and we know how to make it right.

Transparent Promise

Growing great hemp doesn't take magic - just a little love and hard work.


It's What's Inside That Counts


Cannabinoids are the compounds within hemp that interact with our endocannabinoid system, providing a myriad of benefits.



Terpenes are aromatic components that give plants their distinct aroma, and hemp produces more than 200 of them.

Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene

Organic MCT Oil

MCT, or coconut oil, is the carrier oil for Mett Naturals Hemp Oils. Boasting antibacterial and antiviral properties, MCT is the perfect pairing to support whole body wellness.

100% Organic, Non-GMO

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Angela M.
Life Changing

I have suffered for many years with a debilitating, chronic, auto-immune disease that includes significant pain along with bouts of anxiety at different times. Throughout this journey, I have been treated by countless doctors and have been offered every type of pain management available. I have never liked opioid based pain management, or the side-effects of addiction. I have chosen to never go down that rabbit hole. Instead, I have used prescription anti-inflammatories, steroid bursts and steroid injections � which began to damage my liver. I have continued my search for non-addictive alternatives. I have been offered medical marijuana prescriptions by my Doctors, but always refused them. When I first heard about CBD oil a couple of years ago, I was also resistant to that as I grouped it together with marijuana and did not understand how it was extracted and that there was no risk of a �high� or addiction that came with CBD oil. My husband studied CBD relentlessly for the past several years & kept suggesting that I try it. I still was too uninformed and nervous about ingesting ANY THC to try it. However, as I became more educated about CBD oil and its benefits without the concerning risks, I felt it was worth trying. Knowing that there was no THC in CBD oils was extremely important for me. I have tried multiple products from different suppliers and previously felt that a prominent essential oil company had the best tincture and a newer essential oil company had the best cream� until I was introduced to Mett Naturals. Mett Naturals CBD oil is easy to swallow without the heavy, oily sensation and horrible taste I have experienced with others. The effect is almost immediate, it calms my anxiety, alleviates my pain and improves my quality of sleep � without the hungover feeling other sleep aids leave you with. The pain cream has literally changed my life and given me back the freedom I thought I had lost. I could never have imagined a topical cream would work so well and so FAST. I am also grateful that these are moderately priced and accessible to more customers � especially with as powerful as they are. So, I am now off all immune-suppressing drugs and managing my pain with Mett Naturals CBD oil and pain cream, an old fashioned heating pad & the rare ibuprofen, when absolutely needed. Before discovering CBD and switching to Mett Naturals I was trying to manage my pain with prescription and OTC medications. My rheumatologist, primary care doctor, pain management doctors, and I were concerned about the effect these were having on my liver as I had just received some concerning results in my blood work confirming our fears. I have been using Mett Naturals for a few months now and have now stopped all other OTC and prescription anti-inflammatory medications, and just recently had more blood work done. My team of doctors and I were thrilled to see that my liver levels were back to normal again! I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to these awesome products. I truly have hope again and am thrilled to be able to not just live my life � but thrive and enjoy my life without the constant pain and worry about the side effects of managing this pain through harmful drugs!


Why Mett Naturals


We grow, extract, and manufacture all of our hemp products in house, hand crafted with the integrity and dedication we're known for.

30 Day Guarantee

Want to break things off? No hard feelings. We stand by our product through a hassle-free, 30-day guarantee

USA Grown

Mett Naturals operates and thrives entirely in the USA. We live the American dream and are proud to call this country our home.

Third Party Tested

CBD ................... 83.41%
CBG .................... 1.51%
CBN .................... 0.16%
CBDV .................. 0.95%
CBC .................... 1.09%

View Full Panel Test


Heavy Metals ........................ None
Pesticides ............................ None
Herbicides ............................ None
Fungicides ............................ None
Synthetics ............................ None

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