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Containing your choice of a CBD oil, Muscle Pain Cream, and Roll-On (we suggest the 1000 mg Tropical Oil, 1000 mg T-Free Peppermint Muscle Pain Cream), this 3 product bundle is perfect for anyone beginning or currently using CBD extracts. A perfect gift for the holidays, this bundle provides an easy way for anyone to try CBD.

  • 1 mL Dropper included (marked in 0.25 mL increments)

    Approx. 16.66 (500 mg) or 33.33mg (1000 mg) of CBD per 1mL serving (tincture)

    USA Grown and processed Hemp

    Hemp extract extracted via cold pressure rosin. Only water and pressure are used in our patented extraction process, removing the need for hazardous additives such as CO², Butane, or Ethanol.

    No additives are included to adjust color or appearance. Some variation in color between products is normal and natural.

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Type: Bundle

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