Fully organic

Our farms in Montana, Oregon, and Utah use fully organic practices on certified organic soil. No herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers are ever used on our plants. Our soil is tested each year to ensure heavy metals (like lead or arsenic) are absent from our soil – down to <10 part per billion. Our farmers regularly test their soils and crops to ensure Mett Naturals products can be the purest and cleanest available. 

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Pure Genetics

The history of our plants is almost as important as the plant itself. In order to live up to our standards of purity, simplicity, and transparency, Mett verified farms control the genetics of all hemp to ensure high CBD content in each and every harvest. With an impressive pedigree of its own, our femenized seeds continue to improve year after year and are used by other farms around the country. 

Best-in-class Harvesting

Like most crops, hemp can be harvested a variety of ways. With decades of experience with a variety of crops, Mett verified farms has developed and employed best-in-class harvesting methods to ensure our plants remain as pure as possible. In fact, a large majority of our products are harvested by hand. This ensures high yield and effective quality control on each and every hemp plant. That quality makes its way all the way to your favorite tincture, muscle cream or pet product.